| So Sexy!!! |

Creditos: On me: ~Jacket: [LWL] UNISEX Fame Jacket. ~Hair: “LoQ Hair” Whisky I – Light Brown. ~Pants: [CheerNo] SKES SONG. ~Nipple shields: Finesmith Egyptian nipple shields. ~Belt: [MANDALA]Saicho Belt Black circle.   ~Boots: [NeurolaB… Continue reading

| Cheerno Crazay Days | All Boys Stuff 99L

Creditos: ~Jacket: Part of [CheerNo] Prince.DREAM. ~Hair: [CheerNo] Hair Julio [Blond Platiun]. ~Pants: [CheerNo] Fur Pants. ~Nails: [FEMALE  [MANDALA]NAIL PALETTE 1 Medium]. ~Earrings: [ glow ] studio – Ear Cuff Chicken. ~Ring: LaGyo_Florie… Continue reading

| Posing With Xanadu |

Creditos: ~Outfit:  -Xanadu-  Black Beauty Collection ” Moka ” ~Hair: *Dura-Boy20*(Black). ~Gloves: Part of ** DIRAM ** BEYONCE R.T.A – beige. ~Nails: Gems & Kisses – Vendetta. ~Makeup: R.icielli – Lipstick DOLL /… Continue reading

| Feel the Black with FINESMITH |

Creditos: ~Jacket: *COCO*_TuxedoJacket(Black). ~Hair: ICON Hair Base_Jetblack. ~Pant: Part of Glam Affair- Nell. ~Headpiece: Finesmith – Sylphia Headpiece Onyx. ~Nails: Finesmith DRAAKJE. ~Necklace: Finesmith Alexandra Necklace. ~Ring: Finesmith Alexandra Ring. ~Eyelashes: Finesmith Noir… Continue reading

Hadaluna Casual elegant

If you guys, I also seen casually elegant and when I do I like it right here I leave an example of what I speak. Creditos: ~Jumper: CHANTKARE  STACI JUMPER  IVORY CREME ~Jacket:… Continue reading

Beautiful with Gifts

Hello Girls! Here I give you proof that it’s not very difficult to look beautiful and be stylish in SL even if you don’t have much money. You just have to be patient… Continue reading